About Me: Kelly Lara 

@ Ext. 305; Bilingual: English & Spanish

Logistic Vehicle Shipping Coordinator

A little about me and why I love being a logistics coordinator?

My hometown is Miami Beach, FL. I grew up In Miami Beach. lived in Sunny Florida most of my live and still have most of my family there. A few years back I decided to move to South Carolina. Although I miss my family, I love the different scenery, change of weather and warm people. But every couple of times a year, I head back down to South Florida and get my family love. So I really have the best of both worlds. 
Why do I love being a logistics coordinator for vehicle transport?  
I am an organizer by nature. Always a bit obsessed with details and making list and journaling. This job allows me to use my organization skills and the ability to pay attention to the details pays off, as no two transports are alike. If you are not fully paying attention things can go sour very quickly. No worries for you. Read my reviews and you'll see why you are in great hands. 
Favorite Cars:
My favorite cars are Range rover and ghost Bentley.
My hobbies are playing guitar and meditation.  Meditations is something I am now doing consistently and really enjoying starting my day with a meditation
Favorite Spot:
The beach is one of my favorite spots. The sound, smell and just makes me feel renewed after a day at the beach. 
Why did you choose to work for National Car Transport?
After being in the transport field for over a decade now, you get to know who is who in the industry. From experience, your job becomes much easier when you work for a great experienced company. Just like consumers look for the best reputable vehicle shipping company to ship their cars, logistic coordinators look for the best transport company to work for too. Because its much easier to bring customers on board when they know they can trust a company that has been around for over two decades and has the reputation, experience and support to back up your service. Working for a car transport company with anything less than an A+ rating is not an option for me, as I like to deliver excellence.  Also what I did not know coming onboard but has been a huge perk is having such a supporting team. Everyone has a great attitude, really cares about what and how they do things and we actually all like each other. I know that's not always possible, to work with people you actually like, but it honestly makes a difference in the way we communicate and how we do our work. Feel very blessed that I'm here. 

Why can you trust me: 

Just because I have a decade of car transport experience does not mean I take things for granted. Like I said before, no two transports are alike. Figuring out the shipper's needs, dates, route, time of season and putting it all together with our dispatch department is something I enjoy and take pride on doing. If things don't go as planned, which it can happen in transport, I am transparent and communicate other options to make it work for the customer. My motto is be upfront and honest. I am always open to challenges and constructive feedback. I'm not the pushy sales type. There's not need to push this service. You already have decided to ship your car and looking for the best price and service. I hope I can convey to you that I will take care of you, your vehicle and listen to your needs at a great value. One last thing about me. I am open-minded and learn new things all the time. Not only in my professional life but also in my personal life too and has done me well. 
Happy Dance:
I love when you take the time to leave me a review. I do a happy dance when I receive them. So if you shipped with me before, I very much appreciate you leaving me your feedback. Here are some past clients feedback and hope I can help you on your next personal vehicle transport or business transport needs. 
Look forward to connecting with you. Give me a call, lets chat about your transport. 

Kelly Lara 

Direct Contact:

(786) 520-2221 or(786) 520-2221 or

800-320-1050 Ext. 305800-320-1050 Ext. 305


Bilingual: English & Spanish

Hours: 10 am to 5pm EST

Childhood Picture: That's me in the water with the floatees :)

My past client's feedback:

At National Car Transport® We Will Rapidly Transport Your Vehicle from Door to Door!

Door-to-Door Auto Transport

We deliver to your home, office, port, big parking lots or landmarks

The trucker will come as close as legally and safely possible to your door. All you need is have someone designated at both pickup and final destination.

Years ago terminals were popular because they served the transport or truckers better as they waited to build up a load. But your vehicle could sit there for weeks. When you get a low-ball rate from other companies, they are most likely using the terminal method.

National Car Transport® uses door to door method as it serves our clients’ needs the best. We deliver top notch service to your vehicle and you. Call Us!

Or Call Now (800) 320-1050Or Call Now (800) 320-1050Or Call Now (800) 320-1050Or Call Now (800) 320-1050

Experience, Expertise & Reputation

Over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry

With over 20 years in the transportation industry National Car Transport® has an A+ accreditation as a transport company with the Better Business Bureau nationwide.

We’ve also received many 5-star ratings on Google Reviews, Yelp, Angie’s List, Transport Reviews and over 10,000 likes in Facebook for customer service and satisfaction.

Or Call Now (800) 320-1050Or Call Now (800) 320-1050Or Call Now (800) 320-1050Or Call Now (800) 320-1050

Returning Customer?

We offer special rates for returning customers

We are so happy that you choose us to serve you again! Please call us to get a special rate especially for you!

Booking multiple cars? We offer discounts for vehicles going to and from the same destinations being picked and delivered at the same time.

Or Call Now (800) 320-1050Or Call Now (800) 320-1050

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