Enclosed Transport Protects Your Car During Shipping

Enclosed Car Transportation

Enclosed Vehicle Transport Is the First Class Shipping Choice for Your Vehicle

Enclosed Auto Transport

Choose National Car Transport® for Enclosed Auto Transport

High-end, classic or low ground clearing vehicles are shipped Enclosed. Here are reasons clients may choose Enclosed Auto Transport:

1. Avoid dirt and grime that can cover your vehicle when it goes on an open transport. 

2. Bad weather along the route.

3. Climate controlled; your car will be just as protected from heat or ice as if it were parked indoors.

4. Trailers accommodate fewer vehicles than an open car carrier, so the transit and delivery times are usually shorter due to a more direct route with fewer stops.

5. Hydraulic lift gates are necessary when loading and unloading a car with low ground clearance, and are only available on enclosed trailers. (When booking, make sure you let our quote specialists know, and they will ensure your enclosed transport comes equipped with this feature.)

6. Many people who need to ship exotic vehicles, collector cars, race cars, exclusive vehicles, motorcycles choose an enclosed car carrier because of higher insurance coverage.

Auto Transporters are insured in a total load basis, therefore the fewer the number of vehicles, the higher the coverage per car. Open car carriers transport up to 12 vehicles, but enclosed auto transporters can accommodate a maximum of 6 vehicles, raising the coverage to double the normal cost. Customers that need to transport costly vehicles can also purchase additional insurance at an extra cost.

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